At Anesthesia Associates of East Alabama, our mission is to provide excellent anesthetic care for patients undergoing surgery at East Alabama Medical Center. We strive to provide medical services in a compassionate, professional manner for the patient while working with surgeons, nursing staff and certified registered nurse anesthetists.

What is Anesthesiology?

anesthesiologyAnesthesiologists are among the group of healthcare professionals responsible for your safety and well-being before, during and after surgery.

Prior to your medical procedure, an anesthesiologist will complete a preoperative assessment in order to gauge the safest anesthesia for you. He will consider your current state of health, as well as the planned medical procedure, and devise a plan customized to you.

Many surgical procedures require patients to receive “general anesthesia,” a process in which the anesthesiologist uses medication to place patients in a controlled state of unconsciousness. Some procedures require “regional anesthetics,” in which only the portion of the body undergoing surgery is numbed. Still others require sedation to relieve pain or anxiety.

Whatever the type of anesthesia you receive, the goal is the same: to provide continuous pain relief and sustain critical life functions during the medical procedure.

After your procedure, the anesthesiologist will monitor you while you emerge from the effects of the anesthesia you received, and may administer additional medication to ease your pain.

Each doctor within our practice has completed a four-year undergraduate degree, four years of medical school, a one-year internship, four years of an anesthesiology residency and American Board of Anesthesiology Board Certification.